I’ve lived my life outside the box. It’s been a hustle life filled with excitement and intrigue. At the young age of 22 I went to Hollywood seeking fame. People would always tell me how beautiful I was, and that I should be a movie star. When I met a pro boxer who was from L.A. I decided I would take the change at fame and fortune in Hollywood. After a short time I distanced myself from Marty Monroe, and went out seeking fame on my own, when I met with bad company, forced into prostitution, run by seven pimps. My Canadian identity was taken from me, thrust into a dangerous life of pimps and prostitution. When it became unbearable, I was befriended by a movie producer, and eventually was able to come back to Canada. Of course that experience gave me great material for a book. I married a champion jockey who lost at the wire to cocaine, that book is called Beaten at the Wire, still in the works. At this time I am on the final edit of my next novel, a psychological thriller with a serial killer, his appetite, crack addicted street prostitutes. My life reads like a book, and I have many stories to thrill my readers. My great grandfather from the 1800’s, Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, a famous writer in history books, is my muse to claim. I promise to never bore my readers, but rather keep them waiting for more.